Who We Are

Walnut Grove Methodist Church is a community of faith located between Kenton and Dunkirk on US Highway 68.   We welcome people of all ages, ethnicities, economic levels, and faith backgrounds. We believe in offering care and support for one another and our community, showing respect for all persons, and providing opportunities for all to deepen their relationship with God through worship, service and discipleship.

Our mission is to Invite all people to become disciples of Jesus Christ, grow in their faith and commitment and to serve our communities  and beyond. 

Our vision is for Walnut Grove to be a lighthouse showing people God’s unconditional love. We will do this by helping them meet needs and improve their life skills. As people recognize God’s love for them, they will find a safe harbor in a relationship with Jesus Christ

Walnut Grove understands a disciple of Jesus Christ to be a person who is committed to following Jesus in their heads; is continually being changed by Jesus in their hearts; and is committed to living out the mission of Jesus with their hands.  Being a disciple is a process that never ends!